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Below is a very small sample of the recent client testimonials for work done by Kolko & Casey, P.C. 

 Althira Kalathil  I was in a predicament due to some missteps from my employer's previous attorney. After realizing the situation, my employer decided to consult with Mr.David from Kolko & Casey, P.C. to check if he could help us resolve the situation. We had a meeting with Mr. David and he got all the details from us and understood the situation we were in. He could determine what the previous attorney did wrong & was able to quickly identify a corrective course of action for us. He apprised us of the situation & the steps to be taken. He took up my case and promised me a resolution.  Kolko & Casey, P.C. submitted the new H1B package in 2 weeks’ time as Premium processing.  We were always apprised on the status of the case & it was ensured that we are all on the same page.

After our initial meeting with Mr. David, I had a peace of mind that my case was handled by the right person/firm and was confident that my case will be approved.
Since Kolko & Casey, P.C. took up my case, I felt relieved & somehow my case did not feel as complex as it really was. I would highly recommend Kolko & Casey, P.C. for immigration issues and I am sure they will have the solution for all the complicated cases.

 KC Wennogle  Ms. Casey and her team were instrumental in guiding me and my wife through the daunting task of bringing her to the US legally through the I-130 process. Though the process is long and frustrating (the process--not dealing with Kolko), Ms. Casey and team provided everything we could have ever asked for and more and explained each step in the process and were always available to answer any questions. My wife and I found this firm to be fairly priced and impeccably polished for getting our legal work done. This is a 5 star immigration law firm!

 Ankur Shah  Mr. Kolko & Margaret Mountain represented our case (EB2-NIW) and this was the best decision we made regarding our green card process. We received our permanent residency cards 18 months after starting our case. We are convinced we could not have been better represented.

We approached Mr. David Kolko based on a colleague's recommendation. At our first meeting, we were apprehensive of what to expect. However, all our doubts were put to rest with the professionalism, thorough knowledge and up-front approach presented by Mr. Kolko and his team, which immediately established trust between us.  Mr.  Kolko explained each aspect of our green card (NIW) during the meeting and developed a realistic timeline for obtaining our visas.  Mr. Kolko explained the various scenarios possible for our case and even identified ways of dealing with any worst-case scenarios – we thought this was fantastic. He also provided a detailed explanation of the fee for taking on the case - in light of all the work done, this fee was reasonable. Their confidence in taking on our case and a thorough presentation of the associated pros and cons with our case, was reassuring in that we could trust our chance at a Green Card.

From our end we provided the required details for our case and obtained recommendations. From that point on our case was completely carried forward by Mr. Kolko and Margaret. During the 18 months that we worked with each other, we were constantly in touch. We had two RFEs, and in each case Mr. Kolko and team were very responsive, let us know of exactly what was needed, stayed ahead of timeline and were very organized about the presentation of our response.

Mr. Kolko's team ensured there was always clarity between us. When we received our green cards, Mr. Kolko called us in and explained to us the responsibilities of a Permanent Resident. He also assisted us with miscellaneous immigration concerns from our employer every time there was a need.

All-in-all we have had an excellent experience with Mr. Kolko and his team, and I am fairly confident in saying that we definitely benefited from having Kolko & Casey, P.C. represent our case. We would recommend their services to anyone who might need it, particularly in complex cases such as the National Interest Waiver.

 Matthew  Jennifer got my visa processed in record time, which was critical for my work situation. She is very thorough and highly professional, and I would not hesitate to recommend her services.

 Sam Chelanga  I simply loved working with Kolko & Casey, P.C. I never missed a date line. Every document was submitted on time right from the first step of adjusting from student visa to permanent residency then to U.S citizenship! David and Jessica went far and beyond to even answer personal questions when they didn't have to. When I needed to expedite my citizenship for work, David worked tirelessly to get it done including even weekends sometimes. Thank you David, Jessica and all your coworkers at Kolko & Casey, P.C.. You guys are the best!!

 Valeria Praga  I had the best experience working with Mr. Kolko and his staff. They were always helpful and very professional. They helped me with both my H1B and Permanent Residency cases, and even though there were some bumps in the road.. they were always positive and ready to take the next step.  Mr. Kolko was not only professional and patient, but he was always available for consultations, and to answer my questions. I would, without hesitation, recommend this firm for any immigration case.

 Luis Gallego  I have had the pleasure to work with Mr. Kolko since 2009. He handled my work permit case for DPS and then, my marriage case, always in a timely manner. Mr. Kolko and his associates have shown integrity, excellent work ethics and care since the beginning. He handled with respect my case, being one of the first same-sex marriages for the firm. When my husband and I requested his services, he did not hesitate and promptly guided us through the process. I highly recommend Mr. Kolko and his dedicated group of people, especially, Denise who was also very helpful. As someone who come from other country, it is always good and reassuring to find people who speak your language and makes you feel welcome.

 Rose I felt really lucky to have fallen into the best hands. Jennifer Casey gave me a lot of confidence, she helped, guided and supported me from the beginning to end of my case. She explained every single step about the process, she is very knowledgeable and organized. 

She is very well prepared, she compiled all the necessary documentation and didn't miss any single detail. I believe no-one could have been a better help and guide for me. My case was approved without issue. 

I have no hesitation in recommending Jennifer – not only does she meet but she exceeded my expectations.

 Byungmoon Cho I have nothing but praises and commendations for the immigration legal services I received from Mr. Kolko and his amazing team. I went to Kolko & Casey, P.C. for EB2-NIW ("National Interest Waiver") and subsequent "Green Card" applications with 4 months left on my H-1b status, potentially facing voluntary "self-removal" from the US. Not only was my current job as a postdoctoral researcher at risk, the prospect of my family being uprooted was very real, all because of two-year ongoing incompetence/dismal service of my previous lawyer in Maryland. With the time getting so tight, I have to say I was in incredible luck to "stumble upon" Kolko & Casey, P.C. (and to have fired that incompetent previous lawyer). On top of handling tricky National Interest Waiver (NIW) application, concurrent filing due to time constraint piled additional pressure as denial of NIW automatically leads to denial of the Green Card application with loss of thousands in filing fees for myself and family. Under the guidance of Mr. Kolko, his team put together a strong case in an credibly short period of time (in weeks). The results are a testament to the efficiency and proficiency: My NIW application was approved in 22 days and subsequent Green Card application was approved in 115 days that spanned period of the US government shutdown (16 days when FBI background checks were halted) and included a very odd employment verification request for evidence that took about a month to prepare response. In brief, my case was filed on the 13th August 2013. By the 6th December 2013, I was holding my Green Card in my hand and no doubt a critical key to American Dream. I can't be a happier person, emerging from this US immigration odyssey (starting from J1 to H-1b to finally Green Card). And I can't thank Kolko & Casey, P.C. enough for making this very difficult final stretch to Green Card. I thoroughly recommend Kolko & Casey, P.C.; he and his team are professionally impeccable (always attentive/respond to your questions and requests promptly) as well as very personable. I will be happy to give more detailed testimonial! If so wished or for any questions, shoot me an email at

 Martha Burgess David was fantastic supporting my husband in becoming a permanent resident. He was willing to sit down with me during the free consultation, and then again when my then fiance was here on a visit from Canada. Throughout the process David provided clear paperwork that outlined how we should be preparing for each step. He was responsive to our questions and concerns and upheld the law with integrity. Although David can be very to the point and busy, we never felt as though our case was not important. His office made the immigration process as smooth as possible. Well worth your trust on such a big issue.

 Dheeraj Dhotre Mr Kolko and his staff were extremely professional and were the DIFFERENCE in getting my application successful for a PERM, an I-140 and subsequent H1b. I am a physician and was close to finishing my 6 years of H1b ( as often happens with long clinical training). He took up the challenge and we worked on it for close to 13 months devising a possible alternate strategy (included even an NIW application) at every juncture. These cases are often tricky and I had some idea after consulting initially with reputed national firms like Sheila Murthy and associates, Aronson and associates and few others. I must say that Mr Kolko approached the case better than what I had experienced with others. He was very positive throughout and was very approachable and would call or email back within hours to a day. He is a good listener too. His staff member too were very helpful and handled my complex case with professionalism. I highly recommend Mr Kolko and team for usual as well as unusual cases (including physician cases). I am sure that he will orchestrate a great plan for anyone who needs his help.

 Jie Shen He is very professional and efficient. He's been helping me with my two work visa cases. All of them went very well and smoothly. He's very good at that!!! I have no doubt to hire him again!

 Michael Considering the huge amount of detailed information we provided to Jennifer, I was impressed with how she was able to extract the relevant and correct facts required to prepare a concise and high-quality petition and visa application. She clearly explained the process and kept us informed of progress the whole time and always responded promptly when we had any questions. Due to the quality of her work my petition and visa applications were approved without any problems or delays.

 Chung Pham Kolko & Casey, P.C. handled my H1B and Green Card cases really well. I was extremely happy with Mr. Kolko and his team, both about the end results of my cases and the way I was treated. They are very professional and always on top of things. One thing I can say about this company is they really value customer's satisfaction, and that's what a good business is all about.

 Jazmin T It was a pleasure working with David Kolko, and his team on my Green Card case. He is a dedicated layer who really cares about his clients, and works hard for them.

 Sue Ruiz  Mr. Kolko and his excellent staff, helped us in obtainig an Investors Visa (E-2) for the highest period an immigration officer could approve: FIVE YEARS! It was not only that, the officer at the Embassy told us to "TELL OUR LAWYERS THEY HAD DONE AN EXCELLENT JOB". He said he had "NEVER SEEN SUCH A WELL ORGANIZED FILE WITH SUCH AN EASY TO READ CONTENT." There was nothing else he needed to ask us, because the file contained everything. They guided us through all the process from the very beginning. There is nothing we can complaint about with this excellent law firm. We recommend his services the same way a very satisfied friend did with us: "Call David! He is the best person you can use for your immigration purposes! " Mr. Kolko: "THERE ARE NOT ENOUGHT WORDS IN THIS WORLD TO EXPRESS OUR GRATITUDE TO YOU AND YOUR STAFF. THANK YOU! THE WORLD WOULD BE SO DIFFERENT IF THERE WERE MORE PEOPLE LIKE YOU!"


I worked with him and his staff for my green card application. He is a great guy to work with. In addition to the fact that he is knowledgeable and experienced, David and his staff have been very responsive to my questions over both e-mails and phones. Another great service I liked from him was his phone conferences he arranged every time I happened to travel abroad. Through phone conferences, he never forgot to give me advice for re-entry and remind me of important documents I need to carry. And, when the immigration office demanded further evidence, he was very quick in arranging a meeting and paperwork’s for me. I will definitely recommend this firm to anyone looking for immigration attorney. I have felt comfortable with David on my side throughout the process for my green card case. I appreciate his works!


Though I am in Colorado Springs, Mr Kolko was able to work with me to make the process as easy as possible and prevent any unnecessary in-person visits. I had worked with Mr Kolko and his staff to help me through my H-1 B visa & subsequent extensions as well as the Green Card process. Mr Kolko & his staff was very professional yet able to maintain a good personal experience for me. They were up-front with the process and its time line. They always made themselves available for any questions we had. He always made sure that he explained things in a clear and easy to understand language. They were very prompt in updating me on the process and things they needed from me. They were very thorough with their job and I successfully got my Green card. They guided me as to when I could get my husband onboard for the green card process. After closing every case with me, Mr Kolko made sure I knew the legalities associated with each visa/green card. My husband who worked with this firm on his green card was also very happy with the professional and prompt response our case received. I was happy with their services and would highly recommend this firm.

Tan Almeida


Working with both Jennifer Casey and David Kolko has been a very positive experience especially in the midst of some rogue waves. I felt that the firm genuinely cared for me and did everything they knew to prepare me; I was naturalized on July 02, 2012. I would recommend the firm to anyone seeking personalized and professional service, I am very grateful to both Jennifer and David. Merci

Thank You!



We visited with Kolko & Casey, P.C. in 2010 after talking with several other immigration firms in Colorado about our family immigration cases. They agreed to meet with us without charging for the consultation. We met directly with the attorney, who reviewed our situation for over an hour, and was honest about the options. They fully explained the proceedures, fees and costs. We decided to hire this firm and we are very glad that we did. After carefully working with the attorney and excellent staff, our case was finally approved. The attorney help prepare for the interviews at immigration and attended the interviews with us for no extra charge, unlike other firms we talked to. We could not be happier about selecting this firm to help us. If you have an immigration case, meet with Kolko & Casey, P.C. first, before you select another lawyer. We are sure glad we did.

Thank You!



Great immigration firm. Helpful, know their knowledge about immigration law. Straight forward, letting you know everything you need too, even if it's not always good. Caring, taking time to get to know each family and their case as if it was the only case. Kolko & Casey, P.C. was the right firm for my family. I hope you can say the same.

Thank You!

Justina Holguin


Mr. Kolko is reliable and trustworthy; he put my wife and I at much ease through every step. We had no problems obtaining our permanent residence. We recommended his services to a friend who ended up in a tough, complicated situation. Mr. Kolko was able to solve their issue with ease as well. Smooth sailing all the way!



I got Introduced to Kolko & Casey, P.C. through a friend in 2008 and have since then been using them for all my Immigration services, both on personal and professional grounds. Compared to some of the other Immigration firms I have worked with, I found Kolko & Casey, P.C. to be very professional and highly experienced. The explanation of the process, the understanding of all the newly introduced rules and timely responsiveness has always helped me with the best Advice. Kolko & Casey, P.C. has worked very closely with a lot of individuals and families I personally know with various types of Immigration cases, and have helped complete those cases with success, which has helped our community develop a deeper trust in their organization, team & services. I highly recommend Kolko & Casey, P.C.

Vivek Kohli

July 2011

Mr. David Kolko and your staff,

Thank you very much for your work on our case. Our permanent residence would not have been realized without you. Once again thanks a million!

May 9, 2011

After almost six years and numerous steps, my EB2 green card application is finally approved. Looking back now, I feel very happy that I have picked the right law firm, Kolko & Casey, P.C., as my legal representative. Mr. Kolko and his assistants really showed their dedication and professionalism throughout the lengthy process.

Mr. Kolko has extensive knowledge and experience in immigration law. At the beginning of my case, the employer applied for EB2 category instead of EB3 category. The priority date had only one year difference, but in the end, it saved us almost three years.

Mr. Kolko has always been very patient explaining the legal procedures and we met face to face when preparing for every major application step. He is always accessible, and is willing to spend time talking to me either in person or over the phone. He returns my calls and email in one or two days. He pays attention to every detail of the application process.

Because of the excellent service Mr. Kolko has done for us, we have received our lawful residency in the USA. Our company is using Mr. Kolko’s firm as our exclusive immigration representative. I will definitely recommend his firm to my friends and colleagues in the future.

Shuxin Yin
Career & Technical Education, Colorado Community College System

January 10, 2011

Dear Mr. Kolko,

Thank you for your help. It has been hard without having permanent resident status. More possibilities have opened up since becoming a permanent resident and I am thankful that I was able to obtain the green card before the start of this semester.

Thanks again for you dedication.

October 13, 2010

Dear Mr. Kolko,

Thank you for your assistance in obtaining our employee’s H1B. Having never walked the walk of acquiring an H1B as a sponsoring school, I am grateful for the quick and consistent direction from your office. Not to mention the endless questions of mine in order to understand terms and processes!

My sincerest thanks and compliments.

September 18, 2010

Dear Kolko & Casey, P.C.,

Thank you again sooo much for everything. God bless you and thank you for all your hard work on our case, it’s changed our life for the better. Many many many many thanks!

September 2010

Dear Mr. Kolko and Staff,

Thank you for your support and hard work through this long journey. We are so happy to finally be US Citizens!

It was great working with you, and we send our best thoughts to you and everyone in the office.

September 18, 2010

Mr. Kolko,

Thank you sooooo much for everything you have done for me and my husband! We both truly appreciate everything!

September 2008


Thank you very much for your diligent work over the years on my green card case! I appreciate that your firm puts clients’ interests and benefits ahead of your profit. That is so rare yet so admirable in today’s society. I’m so glad I chose you as my immigration lawyer five years ago. I will definitely keep recommending your firm to all the people who need such help.

Your integrity, highly skilled professional knowledge, and empathy make you the very best in the field. As a client, I couldn’t thank you enough for that! It’s been a pleasure to work with you!

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